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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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breaking now in the live alert center.a deadly fire in lebanon. lebanon.we've learned in just the last hour that at least one person is killed in a house fire on kuntz drive.9 on your side reporter jordan burgess is there now and has the latest. right now the fire is out. we want to show you the house where this happened. you don't see a ton of damage to the outside. but this fire still proved to have a terrible ending. firefighters say they tried to make a rescue attempt here in the 400 block of kuntz road. but it was too late.this happened just after two this morning. a woman in the home woke up to a smoke alarm.. got out and ran to a neighbors to call for help. but firefighters say a man was still inside. he was in bed in a back bedroom. the mattress there is where firefighters believe the fire started. through the smoke the made it
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chief perry geromelebanon fire department2:13 a-m 41:00 upon arrival fire crews initiated search and rescue efforts. we were able to recover one occupant from inside the structure. multiple searches revealed no other occupants trapped inside at the time. unfortunately that occupant was deceased when we removed them from the residence. now in the next few hours the state fire marshall's office will be up here to investigate the cause of this is thought to be an accident.. nothing suspicious.reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. in the live alert center now to show you this huge hole that's opened up at plants by wolfangel in anderson township. you can see if this sounds familiar, it should. that's because back in 2011, they had a similar issue.a massive sinkhole opened up in
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weather.that time, the store lost some merchandise that fell into the hole and was never found. democratic rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton are expected to appear at a debate later tonight in new hampshire.and it almost didn't happen.clinton agreed to the m-s-n-b-c debate.but sanders said he would only participate if clinton agreed to three more over the spring. both candidates took shots at one another during a town hall forum last night on c-n-n. sanders put hillary clinton on the defensive over her liberal credentials.clinton questioned some of sanders' positions... including his commitment on gun control. "i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes 15-million dollars from wall street"==butt to=="i'm not going to let that bother me. i know where i stand and i know who stands with me. i know what i've done." done."sanders' razor-thin loss in the iowa caucuses and his
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some democrats worried the fight could drag out to the convention this summer. on the republican side... ted cruz is firing back this morning after donald trump asked for a "do over" in iowa. trump is calling for the results to be nullified... after claiming that cruz *stole* his votes.trump's twitter tirade... in contrast to his tone after the caucus... saying he was - quote- "honored" by his second place finish.cruz fired back... says trump is just being a sore loser... and tweeted that he -quote- "go back to iowa and join the democrats." republican rick santorum has dropped out of the race for president... and this morning he is backing senator marco rubio. santorum has been trailing in the polls for months.. and wasn't a factor in iowa. stick with 9 on your side for the latest on the democratic debate tonight at 11...and then tomorrow morning here on gmts the experts at politfact will break down the responses from the nominees.and as always, wcpo dot com has information anytime.
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pastor charged with child sex abuse could be in court as early as today. joseph niemeyer was a pastor at the new banklick baptist church in're looking at pictures we discovered overnight from the church's facebook page. niemeyer is featured, in some photos, driving children to events.the senior pastor there tells nine on your side niemeyer confessed to the crimes.. and everyone at the church is in shock. niemeyer is charged with rape, sodomy and sexually abusing a child less than 12 years old. this morning - police need your help finding the person who punched a local senior citizen in the face - knocking him to the ground. on tuesday night- 70-year-old 'darrel white' was walking on roe street in madisonville. he says someone came up from behind ...pressed something to his back and demanded money. when he said he didn't have any - he says the man attacked him and took off. neighbors heard screaming and ran to help. they describe white as 'a fixture' of the neighborhood - and believe he was targeted because of his age. "it made me feel pretty bad
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no trouble - and i don't mean to cause nobody any trouble" neighbors say they saw two men running in hooded sweatshirts - both tall, thin and young. any information. it's been a week long nightmare for a cab driver. that time i knew that they wanted to kill me." me." the men who kidnapped him ...and what he said they did keep him from escaping. pointing fingers.they're not slinging mud in michigan this morning-they're trying to figure out who's the blame for the water debacle in flint.the officials at the center of the fight. your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon. temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend with more sunshine to enjoy.
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in michigan, federal and state officials are now pointing fingers over who's to blame for the lead-contaminated water in flint...the feds say michigan officials didn't listen to their warnings about the crisis... and delayed telling the public for months...state officials say the e-p-a wasn't urgent enough with solutions. the three california inmates who escaped jail...weren't the only ones missing for days.the men kidnapped a cab driver and this morning he's speaking out. out.the 71-year-old says he picked the men up outside a restaurant just hours after they had escaped...he didn't know they were fugitives.they found his number in an ad at the newstand outside.for almost a week the men took him along to hotels across california...he says they would sleep against the hotel doors preventing any chance of his escape. any chance of his escape. at one point he says they fought over what to do with him. "on the way back here bac told me, ma, nayeri wanted to kill me. 'that's why, you know, we were fighting'. by that time i
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me." they drove his car back to southern california and dropped him off there before taking off again.those three men are now back in jail facing more charges. coming up on good morning america this morning, kentucky native and super clooney will be promoting his newest movie. and the rest of the cast of "hail caesar" talk to nick watt about the new mystery-comedy film from the coen brothers.the moive comes out for the interivew on g-m-a starting at 7. hold off on filing your taxes online this will only cause you to have a headache.when the i-r-s says the problem should be fixed. your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon. temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend with
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" if you're trying to file your taxes online this morning---it's not going to work.the i-r-s is reporting a computer failure ---meaning millions of us can't file our returns. this comes right in the middle of the tax filing season. there are reports that several of the agency's computer systems are affected. the i-r-s is calling it a "hardware failure". it's been working through the night to try and finish all the repairs. but the i-r-s says it should not affect refunds. bill cosby "will" stand trial on sex assault charges. a pennsylvania judge refused last night to dismiss the case. cosby is accused of assaulting a woman at his home in philadelphia in 2004. the next hearing is set for march
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an ohio mother could be facing charges after her children *ate* her heroin. heroin.the 21-month-old girl and nine-month old boy needed shots of narcan to revive them at a warren -ohio hospital, that's near cleveland.they're both in stable condition this morning.police say it is likely an accident ...but 18-year-old carlisa davis... could still be charged with child endangerment. here's a live look from washington, d.c. this morning. the capitol building is lit up's still dark in the nations capitol...
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let get your latest nine first warning forecast. clouds are back for the morning drive along with a few passing flurries in the tri-state. temperatures drop to around 300f and this means it will be 30 degrees colder than yesterday morning. the winter coat is a must today. while we start the day cloudy, we'll see a bit of clearing later this afternoon. but temperatures stay chilly with highs expected in the mid 30s. high pressure builds in friday which means plenty of sunshine for the ohio valley. temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature. 460f on saturday and 490f for a high of sunday. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in and it supports light snow by tuesday. we are tracking the system now, so stay with us
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transition to all snow happens and how much snow we could get. morning rushcloudy skiesa few flurrieslow: 29thursdaymostly cloudysome afternoon clearing high: 36thursday nightfair skiescolderlow: 23fridaymostly sunny skiesmilderhigh: 42 friday nightpartly cloudy
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and lets take a look at the lowest gas prices in the tri-state this the thorntons on reading road you'll pay $1-43 a gallon.on madison pike in covington, the marathon has a gallon for $1-64 ...and in lawrenceburg, at murphy usa it's 1-51.for the lowest gas prices in your part of town head to wcpo dot com and click on the traffic tab. do have a tough time getting up in the morning?? morning??you might be able to blame your genes....not the jeans you put on, but the ones you're born with. with.trending now... researchers are looking at 15 aspects of your d-n-a...that
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early bird...or -- a night owl. they studied 90-thousand people to make that conclusion. so, the next time you can't fall asleep...blame your parents. a new limit change has been proposed.the new "lower" number from the ntsb when it comes to drinking and driving. and could a sticker on a pizza box help save your life?that's what one pizza chain is hoping for this weekend. and here's what you'll see
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the national transportation safety board wants to lower the legal drunk driving limit ...but it's getting some pushback ...from of all groups -- mothers against drunk driving. driving.the n-t-s-b says dropping the legal limit from point-oh-eight to point-oh -five ...could cut deadly drunk driving crashes in half... saving thousands of lives every year. the agency is making the change one of its top priorities this year. but mothers against drunk driving says evidence shows it wouldn't make any difference. with the super bowl just around the corner... triple-a is teaming up with local pizza delivery drivers to get out a very important message. message.every pizza delivered in warren county will have a sticker on the box reminding people of the dangers of drinking and ohio, a third of all traffic fatalities involve impaired drivers.
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...more than that thatbesides pizza delivery drivers... super bowl sunday is also a very busy night for police... and they plan to have officers out looking for impaired drivers. a surprise visit in their bedroom.why a westwood couple can't stay in their apartment because of this visitor... your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon.
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a live look outside this morning from our skycam 9 network.a big drop in temperatures across the tri- state this morning.9 is on your side with a complete weather update. a free event at the freedom center for black history month. the message being delivered and how experts hope it helps cut crime. no rain this morning, jennifer, but it's cloudy. cloudy.and much cooler than when we headed into work yesterday morning.
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your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon. temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend with more sunshine to enjoy.
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today the cincinnati police chief and other community leaders will be taking on a tough issue: how to about stop the violence on our streets. 9 oys timyka artist live at the freedom center with what this is all about inside the freedom center you can find all sorts of historical exhibits and references to the struggles from our nation's past. today symposium is about tackling some of the struggles we are facing today the symposium is called kim killing kin. that's the same name of an exhibit currently on display here at the freedom center. these charcoal drawings by local artist ames pate depict scenes of black men in kkk attire commuting
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childrens hospital trauma surgical dr victor garcia will be a part of today's discussions on how to reduce crime and violence in urban communities. he says there are no easy answers. but one of his ideas involves goiing straight to the source the approach that we have, the mindset is, okay we're just going to take these bad if we actually engage these young men and to understand why they are in the situation they're in. cincinnati police chief and reps from ag office will also be there today. discussing way to address these complex issues. starts at 7 pm
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guilty to child endangering charges.. as her husband prepares to stand trial. nine on your side first told you about katina and anthony gevedon last week after they were arrested in middletown. police removed their eight children from the house. police say the house on tyus avenue was horrible... floors were covered with cat feces.... and there were cockroaches and gnats.the couple's children ranged in age from five months to 15 years. an east westwood couple is waking up in a hotel after an s-u-v burst into their bedroom. happened on mchenry last night -chopper nine - the only local helicopter bringing you breaking news first - gave you the first live look.police say the driver was trying to turn - but for some reason just drove took two tow trucks to get that s-u-v out.jonathan james and his wife were home when it happened. they like, what's going on?
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loud noise like boom. just liek that. my neighbor's like, bro move out, move out. out.the landlord had a civil engineer make sure that building was stable -before they boarded up the hole last night. for many of us ..our pets are extensions of our the f-b-i is tracking crimes against pets the same way as they would our children.. children..on january 1st the f-b-i started tracking animal cruelty as "crime against society'.that includes neglect, abuse, torture, organized abuse like dog fighting and even sexual abuse. officials say animal abuse often goes hand in hand with domestic violence and keeping track could help agencies form prevention patterns. it's a lesson we all learn - when you feel sick, go to the doctor. doctor.but this morning one insurance company is *changing that message... sending you to a computer instead. instead.anthem blue cross blue shield *just announced - that it is expanding its coverage to include virtual visits.with their app - you can see doctors, therapists and psychologists with a wi-fi connection... without ever
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anthem started this program back in 2013 - but it was just for a handful of customers. this weeks announcement expands it to *millions across the country. liberty township is coming together to help the family of a young boy battling cancer.. kyler bradley is ten ...he's is fighting the same type of brain cancer that claimed lauren hill's life. la rosas pizza held a day long fundraiser wednesday in kyler's honor. family members, friends, classmates and strangers packed the restaurant to support him. this is one of many fundraisers for kyler since he was diagnosed in october. colton mcclure- 8 years old 11:23 i am kyler's friend and i came to support him. 26 rebecca bradley: mother 24:13 we struggle as it is but i couldn't be where i am and kyler i don't think would have the strength to be where he is without everybody behind us. 21 the community has raised more than $100-thousand dollars for kyler and his family. la rosas will donate twenty percent of its proceeds from last night. a new shopping center and kroger marketplace might be coming to west chester - despite almost a year of controversy. controversy.the township's board of trustees denied a
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grocery store to the corner of 747 and tylersville was the subject of a heated meeting last march.the development company even filed a lawsuit over the decision. decision.but there's now talk of reversing that decision. a vote is scheduled for later this month. west chester's board of trustees is expected to allow the area to be rezoned for the kroger. saying "i do" in the queen city is apparently a good decision. decision.cincinnati placed sixth in wallethub's list of the best places to get married. wallethub takes into account the cost of invitations, food, flowers, and of course - the dress. ranked the top five cities as orlando, las vegas, atlanta, tampa, and springfield, missouri. xavier is the first basketball team in the country to win 20 games this season. season.and they did it on the road against st. john's ... ...which had lost 12 straight ...but this one wasn't easy. the red storm kept it close
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second half points help xavier win number 20 ...90 to 83. talk about missing your turn. where a driver landed their car...and the question on many minds this morning. a snake is discovered in a person's yard...but it was definitely not a garden snake. snake. i've dealt with rattlers, and copperheads and moccasins -- never anything like that. that.where this anaconda was causing quite a stir. your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon. temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend with
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city leaders in washington d-c have approved a controversial proposal to pay people... to obey the's a story we first told you about on 9 on your side yesterday. yesterday.the plan allow at-risk youth to be paid a stipend... but only if they keep a clean record.about 200 young people would take part... with 460-thousand- dollars split between them every year. (john gaul/dc lifelong people are trying to do it, dc's got a lot better places just silly." silly."councilmembers say they're willing to try anything... with d-c's homicide rate skyrocketing to 162 murders last year. check out this video of a car on a happened in california yesterday.we're still not sure how the vehicle landed on the top of this two- story home.firefighters say one person was taken to the hospital with injuries -but did not elaborate on the extent of those's being investigated now. a florida woman got quite the surprise as she went out to walk her dogs monday morning.
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laying out in her front yard basking in the sunrays...right in plain view. view.take a's a sight that sent her runing to her neighbors, screaming for help. bill motely lives next door and heard the commotion.he says seeing snakes are pretty common living florida but this was different. [bill motley/neighbor] i've dealt with rattlers, and copperheads and moccasins -- never anything like that. that.animal services was able to corral the nine foot long "green anaconda", which was actually pretty small.they are know to grow as large as 20 feet.. a piece of equipmemt to help warn you of tornadoes. tornadoes.which emergency officials are asking you to get involved this morning. a movie filmed in the queen city is getting rave reviews
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we're talking about and when you can see it in theaters. your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon. temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend with
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there is a new push for casinos in kentucky. the proposal by two lawmakers would use 90 percent of the taxes to bail out kentucky's pension system. the rest would go to increase the purses in horse races. if it gets through the legislature.. and is signed by governor matt bevin.. it would then be put on the november ballot. 9 on your side is out to make your month...we're partnering with u-s bank handing out free money. money.our teams are hitting the streets, randomly handing out 100 dollars -4 days a week. and every friday, somebody gets 500 dollars!. dollars!.it will be a february to remember can catch
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all through february on 9 on your side at 6pm. cincinnati is front and center in another movie that is getting a lot of attention.the first trailer for the don cheadle film "miles ahead" is creating a buzz with movie critics. critics.the miles davis bio-pic was shot right here in cincinnati and shows off many parts of the city.critics have been buzzing about the film since its debut at the sundance film festival.the film opens in theaters on april 1st. you may have heard the tornado siren tests this week.they take place on the first wednesday of every month. now.. the hamilton county emergency management agency wants you to adopt a siren to make sure it works... when we need them the most during a life or death situation. if you're interested - check out
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now let's check in with your
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you've heard of "love at first sight" couple went even further... getting engaged only minutes after meeting in person for the first time. erica harris and artie vann
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year ago.but artie lives in new york... and she lives in california.for months... their romance grew through original poetry and videos.but something had to give... and artie finally bought a one-way plane ticket. (nats) "nice to me you...hi, i'm erica, don't drop me, it's nice to meet you."(nats) "will you marry me?" "yes..." their advice to all those love- seekers out there... follow your heart... follow your soul... and fairy tales can happen. recognizing the symptions of a heart attack weeks ahead of time.the signs that could mean
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ben and jerry's is making some new customers hearts melt with their ice cold treats.the new flavors and their unique blend that will appeal to a new
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you could experience the signs of a heart attack weeks before it happens. that's according to the wall street says cardiac arrest isn't as sudden as we think.the secret is knowing the signs so you can get help before it's too late. late.we're on your side with these early warning signs: chest pain, shortness of breath ... being lightheaded, and heart palpitations. more than half of heart attack patients experienced these symptoms, up to four weeks before the attack. it turns out the latest brain scans can catch depression before it starts.reseachers at m-i-t are using scans to identify children with a higher risk of depression before the disorder sets in. the researchers say there are
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areas of the brain between those who are depressed and those who are not. ben & jerry's now has nondairy ice cream. the company announcing last night - it has created four flavors using a vegan almond milk base. the new flavors. fudge brownie, chunky monkey, coffee caramel fudge and p-b and cookies. expect to see them on store shelves later this month. the move comes after ben & jerry's says it has been getting requests for years to make a non-dairy product. we're following breaking news this morning out of least one person is confirmed dead after a fire inside a home there.what we've learned
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and we're learning more about *this* youth pastor - charged with sexually abusing a child. and an anderson township business on *shaky* ground. ground.a massive hole opens up - in the **same place** as the one that swallowed part of a business just a few years ago! breaking at 6 person killed in an overnight fire. fire.9 on your side's jordan burgess is live at the scene in lebanon. i just spoke with firefighters. they say a chaplain is on the way to help the family deal with this loss. right now firefighters are out
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house here on kuntz road. the
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